Meet G2

10458892_730538823662532_6000857066235859474_nAs a Nutritional Consultant and Lifestyle Coach, Gee Gee Garcia is able to assist her clients in reaching their ultimate goals and desires through creating an individualized health and nutrional layout, strategic meal plans, meal prep demonstrations, grocery store tours, and configuring lifestyle changes for optimal health results.

Her journey began in 2010 after a horrific car accident that left her neck in shambles leading to extreme pain, medications, and a whirl of temporary moments of relief that never fixed the problem and left her sick.  She soon turned to taking on her own health.  After intensive research, Gee Gee’s journey began with a 60-day raw foods diet where she found not only a solution to her own health problems, but what has turned into her life work to help others obtain the knowledge for their own transformative  journey.

Today, Gee Gee is the Founder of Vitamin G2 Vitality and Lead Nutritionist for JuTox Juice Bar and Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Her life mission is to reach as many people as possible, teaching them how to embrace and adopt a healthy lifestyle for mind, body, and soul.  Through this work, Gee Gee is also determined to make major changes and creating a wave to fight the worldwide epidemic of childhood obestiy.




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